Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unfreeze a credit report?

Your borrower will need to reach out to each bureau that they have requested the freeze on and ask for it to be removed. Once complete, you'll be able to reorder the credit file from the original report you pulled and create a new copy.


Experian: 800-509-8495

Equifax: 800-203-7843

TransUnion: 888-909-8872

Can I unmerge a joint borrower report?

If you have pulled credit and need to remove the original borrower or coborrower you can. To complete the unmerge, uncheck the box next to the borrower you'd like to remove and then click the view button.

Do you provide credit education for consumers?

We have courses for consumers as well as Mortgage and Real Estate Professionals so they can help educate their borrowers and others!

What is the Consumer Concierge Service?

We're the only credit vendor that has a consumer direct service, this is where a consumer can request a 3 bureau soft pull, receive free credit advice to improve their scores and can request a rapid rescore –with our help of course.


*To complete a rapid rescore the consumer MUST have requested the credit report through the consumer direct link per FCRA guidelines.

Are you approved for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

We're automatically approved for Fannie Mae, to setup Freddie Mac approval we'll need your TPO Number and your Seller/Servicer Number.

How does a waterfall pre qualification soft pull work?

First you'll need to decide on a minimum score requirement that must be met. When you submit a request through the system it will then pull credit through the first bureau. If the minimum score requirement is met it will move onto the second bureau. If the minimum score requirement is met it again it will move onto the third bureau. This is a great tool to gain a complete overview of your borrower's credit history and does not initiate a trigger lead.

If I already pulled credit and need to add a co borrower can I?

You can add a co borrower after pulling the initial credit report. You'll need to enter in the co borrower's information, click on order and then select the upgrade option. Once complete you'll be able to view the new report with both borrower's credit profiles and scores.

How fast can you complete a rapid rescore?

With proper documentation a rapid rescore can be completed same to next day, if you request a rush it can be completed within a few hours.

What's the difference between Wayfinder and the What-If Simulator?

Wayfinder automatically outlines a game plan to help your borrowers improve their credit scores. The What-If Simulator gives you the ability to manually test out different scenarios to see how they will impact the borrower's scores before they take action.

What are your billing options?

We bill once a month, at the end of the month. You have the option to bill to the company card or bank account on file or you can setup separate invoices so that each individual pays for their own credit reports.

Is it possible for a borrower to speak with you directly?

If you have a borrower that has an error on their credit report or needs some help with increasing their scores we are more than happy to speak with them with your permission, you can even be on the call too!

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